We all know that Ontario has a very strict policy on pit bull breed type dogs. There has been so much media attention and press about how they are aggressive, harmful and unpredictable dogs, that most people are absolutely terrified of these types of dogs. Thanks a lot to Cesar Milan”s rise in popularity and his broad outreach on his insights into dog behaviours, he has pioneered the philosophy that every breed of dog has the potential to be aggresive, or well balanced as in the case of his two well known pit bulls Daddy (RIP) and Junior.

At Pack of Paws will strongly believe that Pit Bulls/Pit Bull Terriers can be 100% well balanced and well socialized dogs, and should be given the same opportunities as other dogs. If you have a bully type dog, don”t be hesitant to contact us to see if they are suitable to join our pack – we will never judge a dog by their breed!