Located in Downtown Toronto at Pack of Paws Dog Daycare, our goal is to provide the most comfortable, mentally stimulating environment for your dogs when you are at work or just want your dog to have a day of fun and socialization.

Dogs are pack animals by nature and thrive on the daily interaction with other like-minded companions, this type of socialization is crucial in helping maintain the mental and physical well-being of  your furry family member. Pack of Paws ensures that your dogs are given the love and care they deserve as well as providing the exercise and socialization that you can’t give them on a daily basis. We are also the first dog daycare in Toronto that welcomes ALL breeds and will consider dogs solely based on temperament and their socialization skills.

Throughout the day, they will be taken for leashed bathroom breaks and ensure they get enough rest between play. During the day we are actively engaging with the dogs mentally, teaching and practicing basic commands and most importantly ensuring proper dog play etiquette.

We practice and believe in non-verbal energy based training methods to control our pack. We try to ensure we are always projecting calm assertive energies when dealing with our pack, which helps to establish ourselves not only as loving caretakers but their pack leaders as well.

Our Rates

Our rates are designed for all needs and schedules. We are open Monday to Friday from 7am to 6:30pm.

These rates exclude applicable taxes.

Full Day Care (Daily)

$36per day
  • 7am to 6:30pm

Full Day Care (Monthly/Unlimited)

$540 monthly = $27 /Day
  • 7am to 6:30pm

Full Day Package (10 DAYS)

$3403 month expiry
  • 10 day package

Full Day Package (20 DAYS)

$6003 month expiry
  • 20 day package

Half Day Care (Daily)

$25per day
  • 7am to Noon or Noon to 6:30pm

Half Day Care (Monthly/Unlimited)

$340monthly = $17 /day
  • 7am to Noon or Noon to 6:30pm

Half Day Package (x10)

$2203 months expiry
  • 10 half-days package

Half Day Package (x20)

$4003 months expiry
  • 20 half-days package

Owners with more than 1 dog will receive a 20% discount on all rates/packages.


  • New clients must be commit to having their dog attend daycare least once a week, this helps us develop a good relationship with your dog and maintain harmony within the pack.
  • All dogs have up to date vaccinations, flea prevention and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) shot.
  • Puppies must be a minimum of 14 weeks before starting.
  • We need all dogs above the age of 8 months to be spayed/neutered.

Homestyle Boarding

We offer homestyle boarding which means your dog will be staying their nights in our homes and during the day they will be able to accompany us to “work” everyday.

Please note that this service is primarily only provided to our current daycare clients and only on rare occasions do we take new boarding clients.

Boarding Rate

$55per night (24 hours period)
  • Rate can vary depending on length of stay

For more information please contact us at: 416-588-7297 or email info@packofpaws.ca.

Words From Our Clients

“Pack of Paws is the best! I was so worried I wouldn”t be able to find a place for my rescue dog Mitzi because she is fearful of other dogs but Jeff and Diana loved her from day one and worked tirelessly with her issues. She now has several doggy pals and is a happier more well-adjusted dog! The favourite part of my day is going to pick her up, I could spend forever watching her run around and play with the other dogs. Jeff and Diana always go well out of their way for her and the other dogs and I am so glad to have them nearby.”


“Thank god for Pack of Paws – Lao has been with them since their opening day in Aug. I rescued Lao from Tokyo in 2007 and since he came from an abusive home he has always been timid around new people – POP has made Lao extremely comfortable and has given him a safe haven when mommy is at work. Diana and Jeff have gone beyond their call of duty to accommodate my busy schedule – they have dropped Lao off at the condo when needed (I trust them 100% with the keys to my place), their hours of operation (7am – 6:30pm) are very helpful for those who have to go into the office early and stay later, alternatives for weekend/holiday boarding, etc. For the next 6 months we are fostering a doggie from Mexico – Lucy has already made POP her home away from home and has settled in great. Thank you so much Pack of Paws for opening in Liberty Village and giving me a piece of mind that my doggies are doing amazing in your care. I would recommend you guys to anyone.”


“I’m so grateful to have Pack of Paws in the neighborhood. They are so amazing, my little guy Chopper just loves going there and enjoys himself so much. The owners are amazing people; they treat my dog like it’s their own. It is amazing. Chopper loves it! The morning that he goes, he gets super excited to go and every evening after we get home, he sleeps like a puppy. There isn’t enough word to describe how amazing this doggy daycare is, you won’t be disappointed with them at all. Chopper has been to another doggy daycares in the city (before Packs of Paws opened their doors), and every time I would drop him off and pick him up he didn’t like it. When I dropped him off in the morning didn’t want to go in and when I picked him up he was running out the door.  Thank you for opening here, and treating Chopper like one of your own.”


“Our dog Fred absolutely loves his time at Pack of Paws. He gets lots and lots of exercise and lots and lots of love. Diana and Jeff are great dog lovers and great business owners. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Pat and Lascelle

The Paperwork

Interested in becoming a client with us?

Please fill out and submit the given form with all the details and information about your dog. From there we will be able to tailor the exact care for your dog. We will reply and set up a time for a meet and greet (initial assessment) and take it forward from there. If you have any questions please let us know.

Note: We take the care of your dog very seriously. And we want to know everything you know about your dog before you drop them off in our care.