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Liberty Village Dog Daycare

Call us if you would like to schedule a meet and greet, or if you would like to find out more about our services.

Hours: Monday to Friday - 7am to 6:30pm

Telephone: 416.588.PAWS (7297)

Email me! diana[at}

Liberty Village
105 Jefferson Ave
Toronto ON, M6K 3E4


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Dog daycare is a dream come true for busy owners who work long hours or simply don’t have the time to exercise high-energy dogs. However, doggy day care isn’t without its costs. How does day care stack up for you and your dog? Exercise Is the Biggest Benefit Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan says, “A tired dog is a happy dog,” and while some trainers disagree with his methods, all trainers agree with this truism. When dogs don’t get enough exercise, […]

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We all know that Ontario has a very strict policy on pit bull breed type dogs. There has been so much media attention and press about how they are aggressive, harmful and unpredictable dogs, that most people are absolutely terrified of these types of dogs. Thanks a lot to Cesar Milan”s rise in popularity and his broad outreach on his insights into dog behaviours, he has pioneered the philosophy that every breed of dog has the potential to be aggresive, […]

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Dog Daycare

Over the centuries wolves evolved an elaborate system of body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations to communicate with each other. Domestic dogs also use this means of communication, and all of these signals are easily understood by other dogs. If you can learn to interpret how your dog is feeling by observing its posture and expression and listening to it, you’ll be well on the way to successful communication with your pet and better equipped to solve any behavior problems […]

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